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Hey! It’s Molli & MK. we’re so pumped you’re here.


Although we met just 5 years ago, we’re truly kindred spirits turned Partners-In-Wellness who’ve shared many similar passions and callings over the course of our lives. Deeply embedded in the core of our beings is a desire to bring people together and to make the world a more inclusive, authentic and inspiring place. To have the tough conversations that need to be had — to talk about shit that matters — and to infuse those conversations with hope, optimism and a good dose of laughter. To hold people’s hands through the tough seasons of life, and to take those difficult seasons and turn them into life lessons. To celebrate our people’s victories, knowing that every victory is a collective one. To approach life through the lens of a beginner’s mind, knowing that every experience is meant to help us learn, grow, heal and THRIVE. This is the DNA of She’s Thriving and it’s our great honor and joy to be on this journey with you all.

[PLACEHOLDER] we can take it back even farther, and also I think it would be great to have individual bios for both of us! But to fully understand how we got here, we need to take it back to SoulCycle Union Street, In August of 2014. We met right as we were pushing eject on our tech careers in favor of pursuing our dreams of of building community and making a positive impact as SoulCycle instructors. It was love at first sight (lol), and we became fast friends. And while we knew we were in a truly exciting season of life, we had no idea the profound growth, incredible challenge and immense joy that lie ahead. Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen each other through our career changes, relationships, cross country moves, burn outs, heartbreak, and healing and we just held each other’s hands and talked each other through it all.